Welcome to Menorca

Menorca is a privileged island, which has for centuries been a meeting point of different cultures and travelling people which have left a cosmopolitan cultural background that flows through the streets of the island.

Having one of the best ports in the Mediterranean has become a desirable conquest for everyone.

Macarella - Menorca

Menorca is full of history, from the ancient stones, the taulas and archaeological sites to gorgeous beaches, a refuge from the hustle and fatigue.

Each village of Menorca has its colour and flavour, every beach has its charm, every corner of the island is a mystery to be solved.

Menorca is located at the right distance to become a wonderful and special tourist destination for Europe, no long trips. Anyone seeking beauty and tranquility can find them in most parts of Menorca:

Dawn in Es Castell, the first point of Spain where you can watch the sunrise.

Sunset in Son Bou, with the colours of the sky melting into an endless sandy beach. Three miles of stunning sand, where two modern high rise hotels stand next to the remains of an early Paleochristian chapel attached to the sea.

The feast of the horses , so proper and so heartfelt, that starts with the unrepeatable Sant Joan in Ciutadella and continue in each of the villages : Ferreries, Migjorn, Mahon, Mercadal, Sant Lluis, Es Castell, Fornells, Sant Climent, Llucmaçanes....

The gastronomy reaches heights of perfection with the lobster stew, an unique delicacy, and the exclusive sweet pastries of Menorca: pastissets, crespells, formatjades... The gin, testimony of an English domination, it shows in every corner of the island. The cheese, our ambassador in international cuisine, tender, semi or cured, made with love and patience from the countless llocs (farms).

The Horse Riding Track, horse ancient road that circles the island and the visitors can enjoy now again, thanks to the effort of many locals to recover it again several centuries later. There are almost 190 kilometres from which you can see and share the best beaches, the most difficult slopes and most charming corners. Menorca, at last, in all its glory.

Pregonda - Menorca

By boat you can sail many ports and virgin beaches that make unique the coast of the island, with cliffs and hidden coves.

If you do not know Menorca yet, do not hesitate to visit us. We are the best getaway, one of the best destinations.

We stamp our personal mark into the hearts and memories.

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To purchase a house in Menorca is an investment and a dream at the same time. It is to have a corner in paradise, a part of a particular dream.

From our real estate agency, we welcome you to one of the best lands you can know.

Menorca is waiting for you.