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Mahon office

Mahon office Mahon office Mahon office

Having a house in Menorca is to be part of a special world, a small paradise. It is also to share with the islanders the calm of the island, the tranquility, the beautiful beaches, the ancient monuments, the white villages and the unique Camí de Cavalls bordering the island and showing its best image.

Having a home in Menorca is to have a place where you can always return or where you can live forever. Let us show you several possibilities, various houses and your dreamed dwelling may end up being a reality.

We are th efirst real estate agency on the island. Our real estate experience is backed up by more than forty years of labour. As Oliver Mateu along this time. Now, as casas en menorca.comwe modernize our image, .

Since August 2017 we have opened a branch in Ciutadella with the aim of expanding the portfolio of properties, improving the service and covering the entire property market of the island. The new office is located a few metres from the centre of Ciutadella, in the street Sant Pere Alcàntara, 46 of Ciutadella de Menorca.

Ciutadella office

Ciutadella office Ciutadella office Ciutadella office

Since November 2017, to be able to cover our high demand and in order to offer the best service to our customers, we have opened a new, larger and more modern office. From now on, you will find us in our new premises located in Plaza Real, 4 of Mahón.

Mahon new office Mahon new office Mahon new office Mahon new office Mahon new office Mahon new office

With professionalism as always, we are very pleased to assist you.

Our team of professionals

Isabel Petrus Isabel Petrus CEO. Manager Director. Administrator. French, Italian, Spanish and Catalan.
Irene Coll Irene Coll Real Estate Sales consultant. English speaking clients responsible. English, Portuguese, Spanish and Catalan.
Juani Petrus Juani Petrus Real Estate Sales consultant. Responsible Spanish customers. Spanish and Catalan.
Eva Eschbach Eva Eschbach Real Estate Sales consultant. Responsible French customers. French, English, Spanish and Catalan.
Bice Di Carlo Bice Di Carlo Real Estate Sales consultant. Responsible Italian customers. Italian and Spanish.
Victoria Ferrer Victoria Ferrer Real Estate Sales consultant. Spanish, Catalan and English.
Jo Lafosse Jo Lafosse Real Estate Sales consultant. Spanish and English.
Enric Mitjà Enric Mitjà Sales Manager, Ciutadella office. Spanish, Catalan and English.
Elisabet Guerra Elisabet Guerra Secretary, Ciutadella office.
Teresa García Teresa García Administration. After sales management.
Beatriz Estopiñán Beatriz Estopiñán Manager Assistant
Gari Petrus Gari Petrus Administration. Property rental manager.
Úrsula Pons Úrsula Pons Community Manager. Head of Media.

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